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So just like everyone else I’m pretty jazzed about it being fall. I know that this season in particular has a reputation as being tailored to the most basic, generic girl who only enjoys it for the yummy smelling candles and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Everyone thinks of fall as a bandwagon season or, the time of year which would be categorized as “The Plastics” in Mean Girls.

But I disagree.

While the warm smells of cinnamon, vanilla and spiced apple cider may be a part of the turn-on factor, our love for fall goes much deeper than that.

For me, fall marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. Between now and January (so for 3-4 months) we get to redecorate our homes multiple times. We get to throw themed parties for our friends and families and there is a lot of focus on really delicious food and drink. I’m sorry, but you would be a little nutty if you didn’t like the fall.

I’m 100% a holiday person. This is the time of year when I thrive. Again, with decorating non-stop and cooking for people you love, who wouldn’t?! My Mom is also the holiday Queen so I’m sure that I get a lot of it from her. She always had a way of making our home beautiful during the holidays and making the festive season feel so special. I want the home to feel extra cozy, the food to be extra tasty and for everyone to just feel extra special and joyous. I'm actually feeling a little bit like Will Ferrell in Elf right now (really referencing the movies in the post haha!).

Since we live in Kenya, we don’t have actual season changes in terms of weather. There are two seasons here – dry or rainy. Don’t get me wrong – this means we have some of the most mild and beautiful weather in the world! But with hardly any changes in physical environment to go with seasonal holidays, one must be extra creative with their home décor strategies.

October to February are usually some of the hottest months in Kenya, so some of the upcoming traditional décor I find to be a little inappropriate in this tropical environment. With palm trees and cacti everywhere I find it a little hard to put Frosty the snowman on the mantel. But that’s just me. Or if Frosty is going to be on the mantel, He’s gonna be a DIY-ed, up-cycled, reinvention of a Frosty who likes neutral color tones.

I’m a little OCD when it comes to consistency within the design style of our home. This is pretty funny seeing as how my boho style is a complete hodge-podge of every era and style out there. I would say I’m very eclectic in terms of styling and that I love to mix vintage and modern. I’ve recently discovered a love for mid-century furniture but also love mixing in cultural pieces we’ve collected from our travels. I would say that my style is definitely boho-chic with West Indies twist. My main colors are softer tones of neutral and blush. I also include pops of color and darker tones here and there, but make sure that they are pretty simple. With that said, I cannot handle when things “don’t go”. There has to be visual consistency. This goes for the holidays as well but does not have to be a limiting factor in how much you decorate! You just have to get a little bit more creative and think outside of the traditional box of holiday décor.

Are you ready to boho-chic your space for fall? Lets do it!

1. Switch Up Your Colors

Like I said above, I find great visual comfort in consistency throughout the home. If something doesn’t have the right vibe, I can’t have it up in my house! Even my holiday décor needs to fit in with the colors I’ve already got going on in the rest of my home. As a rule of thumb, I stick to using softer hues of the traditional shades for each holiday. Instead of going for the bright primary colors, I tend to stick more to neutrals with pops of pastels where color is needed. It isn’t that I don’t love traditional holiday décor (when my Mom puts it up at home in the States I absolutely love it and think its GORG), it just doesn’t fit into the style of my space. It’s silly that there’s a set group of colors for each season anyways! Switch it up people, YOLO!!!

2. Succulents for Every Season

You may think that succulents are only a summer and springtime thing. No, no. They are now for every season (which I’m going to take full advantage of since they are the only plants I can keep alive!). There are so many fun ways to incorporate these little boho babies into your festive holiday décor! I’m having so much fun with this trend right now and can’t wait to see how I can incorporate it during the Christmas season as well! Succulents 4 ever. Seriously, I love them.

3. Bring Outside Inside (With a Twist)

I feel that part of having a bohemian home is bringing the outdoors inside. You can definitely do this by adding plants to your space (read above #2) but this is not the only way! There are so many easy DIY crafts that you can use in your interior fall styling. Most projects include items like sticks, feathers, branches and leaves. Yes, since I’m in Kenya I have access to some pretty awesome natural inspired materials. But even if you live in the suburbs you can still go collect things on a walk! Or if all else fails, we wont tell anyone you went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bag of sticks and feathers and leaves. It will be our little secret.

After you have your supplies, adding some sort of decorative twist is easy. Put cool branches in a pot and paint the branches metallic gold, put feathers in a vase, glue twigs to a glass cup to make a candleholder; the list goes on! Most of these nature-based crafts are easy and cost effective. See, boho décor is ALSO budget friendly. It just keeps getting better and better.

4. Keep it Minimalistic

I think the shift in modern holiday décor has been to take it down a notch, which I’m not mad at. I’m not saying don’t put holiday themed decorations in every room of the house – Lord knows I will! What I mean is that when you decorate in each room, the decorations themselves shouldn’t be too gaudy and should tastefully coexist with your home's everyday style. Again, sticking with a color scheme really helps with this! Remember, less is always more and the cleaner your décor, the more relaxing your boho oasis will feel.

5. Copper: Cool and Classy

This metal holds a special place in my heart. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been obsessed with copper. I actually have all copper pots and pans and have been collecting antique copper utensils and dishes for my kitchen for the past few years. I can’t get enough. I’m so excited to decorate with it for the first time OUTSIDE of my kitchen this holiday season. It adds a pop of color without being too harsh, as well as adding a touch of glam to your space. Honestly, I’m all about mixing metals of all types during the holiday season. It’s a great way to add more intrigue and glamour to your space without being obnoxious or deviating too far from your home’s consistent color palette!

Well friends, that’s it for now! I hope these tips were helpful to you and that you use them to create the boho oasis of your dreams this fall!

Love Always, Morganne













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