Spring and Summer Trends: What You Need to Know

Happy February! I have been tracking with what is going on in the realms of spring/summer fashion and wanted to compile a list of trends to notice.

But before we dive into that, first things first. Colors. This is the spring and summer color palette that has been showcased during the most recent fashion weeks. A lot of bright colors countered by rich creams/browns make it a fun palette to play with! It seems like spring and summer will be all about being playful and relaxed. Hey, I'm not complaining! Now lets dive into the trends, shall we?!

p i n k

With branding like "Blush and Boho", it's pretty obvious where my feelings lie on the pink debate. I love it. I honestly cannot get enough.

Whether it's blush tones or bright fuchsias, pink is key for the seasons ahead. Use it to add a pop of color to a neutral ensemble by adding a blush blazer or magenta colored mules. Or, go all out and do a pink palette outfit. Whatever your commitment to the trend, you won't be missing the mark by adding this hue to your spring and summer wardrobe.

l e o p a r d

You thought leopard was big last season? Industry experts say the distribution of this wild print has increased by 50% since then. It's fun to mix this print with either minimalist palette looks or with graphic tees and neon pops of color. It is incredibly versatile and can be added to spice up any outfit. This print, unlike the animal, is not going anywhere fast.

n e o n

The 80s are back in many ways for spring and summer. Amongst the suit sets, pearls and mesh, you will also find a massive dose of neon. In order to style this trend correctly, I highly recommend following @oliviaandalice_ on instagram! They are genius at styling neon looks and will provide so much neon inspiration! This trend can be tricky, so make sure you do some research before hitting the streets. We don't want to look like Teletubbies out on the town!

s h e l l s

This is a trend I can get behind 100%. I love the beach so much and have always had a thing for shells. Don't worry - these aren't exactly the middle school accessories you remember. To keep this trend chic, look for shells dipped in or complimented by some type of metal (I prefer gold). However, shells go with everything so this a trend to really have fun with!

b i k e r s h o r t s

Comfort meets practicality meets athleisure. This look (which is very reminiscent of all things 80s) can be fun to style for either day or night outfits. I know what you're thinking - biker shorts for fancy date night? Yes. Paired with a delicate top, oversized blazer and strappy heels, this look is chic and fashion week approved.

b r o w n b a g s

There are a lot of things that have surprised me about this spring and summer's upcoming trends. The 80s vibe caught me off guard but I'm kind of learning to love it in small doses. The other statement piece that is running the streets of Paris, Copenhagen and New York is the little brown bag. Brown is the new black when it comes to bags so keep your eye out for a chic little number to add to your wardrobe!

b e i g e

Beige is the rage and what can i say? I'm loving it. This is a fun palette to play with while perhaps adding a neon pop of color to add intrigue to your ensemble. Since I struggle with wearing a lot of color and usually stick to black and white, i'm pretty excited to transition to this new warmer color palette. You have so much freedom when pairing accents with a beige look so don't be afraid to be playful with accessories! And if pops of color is just not your thing, wearing a fully neutral look with mixtures of beige, brown and white is just as chic!

h a i r c l i p s & h e a d b a n d s

If this doesn't scream throwback, I don't know what does. Most of us 90s babies (and 80s too) had an entire drawer filled with plastic clips and headbands in every print and color. To keep this trend more on the chic side, wear clips that aren't too plastic-y and incorporate bling or acrylic turtle shell. For headbands, velvet is always a good option and adds a fun finishing touch to any outfit. Plus for anyone who watched Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf would be proud!

To sum it up...

Try to incorporate these throwback trends into your spring and summer wardrobe! Have fun, get playful and don't be afraid to try some new colors. In 2019, fashion is all about being confident and comfortable while having a good sense of humor and working with eccentricity and minimalism. Plus, there is much of a mixture of trends at the moment and you can't really get much wrong. Experimentation is key so mix it up!

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